UNAR is the office designated by the Government to guarantee the right of an equal treatment.

The office for promoting equal treatment and repressing race and ethnicity discrimination, briefly named UNAR- National Anti-Racial Discrimination Office, is the office destined by the Italian State to guarantee the population the right of an equal treatment, regardless their ethnicity or race, age, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

The Office was established in 2003 (l.d. n. 215/2003) due to a community directive (n.200/43/CE), requiring each Member State to activate a system purposely dedicated to oppose all forms of discrimination.

In particular, UNAR manages cases and events related to any kind of discrimination, studies possible solutions, promotes the culture of respecting human rights and equal opportunities and provides practical assistance to the victims.

More information about the specific activities of UNAR can be found into the section “Our Work.