UNAR works in a complete autonomy and neutrality within the Equal Opportunities Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministry.

The Office is organized into:

  • Service for the protection of equal treatment, which gathers all the reports of discrimination received through the Contact Centre, analyses them and provides immediate assistance giving advices and opinions.
  • Service for studies, researches and institutional relations, which actively promotes studies, training courses and awareness campaigns, information and public communications regarding the topics of opposition to discriminations.

The office is coordinated by a general Director, designated by the President of the Council of Ministry or by a Minister delegated by him, whom is supported by personnel from the Council of Presidency and other public administration. They include two executives responsible for the Services and unit of area A and B.

Due to its specific characteristics, the Office can benefit from additional public personnel, coming from Magistracy, General attorney and State attorney. It also can avail itself of a maximum of five high quality external experts in Legal issues, practical and psychological assistance, social recovery, public political analysis and social communication.


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