The accessibility project was born with the goal of designing a portal that, in addition to improving performance and graphics, is compliant with today’s guidelines on accessibility and prepared to accommodate future legal provisions.


The portal has therefore been designed and built following the WCAG 1.0 guidelines set by the W3C international standard W3C, consistent with the WCAG-AAA accessibility requirements. In addition, the check points of the Technical Verification defined by the Law of 9 January 2004 n. 4 “Provisions to facilitate access by disabled persons to IT tools” have been implemented and applied, albeit minimally still in the optimization phase.

The principles that guided the construction of the portal have been defined both on the basis of the indications of the WAI W3C guidelines, and taking advantage of the advice and operational suggestions from the end users involved in the Ministry in some test sessions. For the definition of the layout structures, no tables were used and the layout was based solely on style sheets.


Since the goal of complete accessibility is a goal rather than a point of arrival, some pages that are not totally compliant with the aforementioned standards are still present in the portal.


Despite the efforts made to ensure accessibility to all users, the amount of editors and content on one hand, as well as the possible disabilities and hardware and software configurations on the other, makes difficult to test how much has been producted. We are aware that some pages may still be partly inaccessible to some people. Report the problems of accessibility that you find on our pages, writing to in order to promptly remedy your difficulties in accessing content or services.

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