UNAR planned awareness-raising and communication campaigns.

According to its own institutional mandate, the Anti-racial discrimination National Office builds awareness-raising and communication campaigns destined to the wide public and to the stakeholders on discrimination. Through them, UNAR intends to both introduce the Office activities and, most of all, to raise within the population the culture of human rights and equal opportunities.

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Action week against racisms

The Action Week against Racism and Discrimination takes place every year in March, at the “World Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination”Read more

Week against violence

The Week against Violence in Schools is an initiative established since 2009 thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding between UNAR, the Department for Equal Opportunities and the Ministry of Education, University and Research.Read more 

Made in Italy

A dress sewn together by the hands of different people, who come from near and far away countries. And whose label explains how it was done.Read more

Turn off discrimination, light up human rights

Turn off Discrimination, Light up human rights is the communication campaign promoted by UNAR in 2015 with the aim of promoting the knowledge and use of the free number of citizens and the Contact Centre. Read more

Yes to diversity. No to homophobia.

“Yes to diversity. No to homophobia.” is a campaign against homophobia and discrimination for sexual orientation promoted in 2012 by the Department for Equal Opportunities and UNAR Read more

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