Research, monitoring and analysis of potentially discriminatory content coming from the media & internet

The activity of “Media Monitoring and Internet” carried out by the contact centre, aims to daily research, monitor and analyse the potentially discriminatory content coming from the press (daily, weekly, monthly, both in print and online, press agencies , radio and tv), from social networks and social media (Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Youtube blogs and comments on Forums).

This activity involves, in case of a potentially discriminatory situation, the opening of the “case”, the consequent preliminary investigation and the related treatment according to procedures similar to those envisaged for the rest of the cases of discrimination.

Unar, in collaboration with the main Italian NGOs, proposes campaigns and initiatives to sensitise internet users, mainly young people, to fight hatred, intolerance and violence on web.

The aim of this strategy is to increase the level of awareness of the phenomenon, its scope and its possible consequences, in addition to develop tools and mechanisms to combat online discrimination and violence.

The office also shares daily experiences with the managers of the main social networks and has established significant partnerships with other competent national institutions and actively collaborates with the European organizations.


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