UNAR stipulates protocols and agreements to build a culture against racism.

The creation and activation of networks, through the development of interinstitutional integration processes, allows organizations that often operate with objectives, languages, different tools to find common and shared workplaces to enable effective policies and interventions. UNAR, as a national point of contact against discrimination and through the construction of a subsidiary and integrated governance model, stipulates agreements and protocols and activates technical tables and working groups with local and national institutions, NGOs and associations, social and civil society, with the aim of building and strengthening a culture that opposes all forms of racism.

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agreements and protocols

L’UNAR stipulates memoranda of understanding and agreements with bodies, institutions and associations able to support and strengthen the action of prevention and contrast to all forms of racism. Read more

Anti-discrimination centre

Starting from 2007, as foreseen by its institutional tasks, UNAR has promoted the establishment of Regional Anti-Discrimination Centres, or a system of “principals” aimed at detecting and taking charge of discrimination phenomena. Read more


L’UNAR considers a constant and reciprocal exchange with sectoral associations to be fundamental, in order to strengthen and make the fight and combat action against racism more uniform and homogeneous. Read more

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