The normative references to the numerous cases of discrimination

The daily life for a person at risk of discrimination is often full of difficulties and impediments, whether it is taking a public bus, accessing a bar or requesting a service, there are many cases (the same ones that arrive every day to our contact center) where you can be a victim of discrimination. Here we collect a wide range of cases providing also normative references.

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Discrimination in the world of work is often among the most difficult to discover because in many cases people do not know their rights or are afraid to report and be excluded.Read more


UNAR has been working in the forefront for years in connection with the Ministry of Education, University and Research to promote a culture that opposes all forms of racism, bullying and discrimination. Read more

Police Forces

The staff of the Police Forces is the first and most sensitive front office of the institutions towards people belonging to groups at risk of discrimination. Read more

Provision of Financial Services

Open a bank or Postal account, apply for a loan or mortgage, collect a check, and so on. These are all bureaucratic operations and burdens in which it is often difficult to disentangle, but there are limits beyond which the request for more formalities, the display of additional documents, or the true denial of service become elements of real discrimination. Read more

Provision of Public Services Practice

Bars, discos, restaurants: from normal places of free time and aggregation can turn into places where you can suffer abuse (be served after others, denied entry, pay more etc). Read more

Provision of Public Authorities Services

Public services are services rendered by the State and other public bodies to the community in order to meet their primary needs (social services, personal data, education, health, etc.)Read more


On this page we collect the relevant material to understand and deal with the cases of discrimination that may occur in this area. From the searching of a house through real estate agencies to renting, from the relationship with condominiums and the neighborhood to calls for the awarding of public housing. Read more

Public transport

Public transport is that particular area of ​​public life in which even from daily news we learn of cases of discrimination often carried out by ordinary citizens but also by personnel in charge of ticket offices, drivers, controllers.Read more

Leisure and public life

The field of “Leisure and public life” is very broad and, consequently, so are the possible discriminatory situations that affect it: from the exclusion from a sports club for racial reasons to discriminatory controls to access to facilities, in addition to insults in a square, writings on the walls and verbal aggression.Read more


In this section we collect the useful material to know the services (and rights) available to all those at risk of discrimination who need medical treatment. Read more

Mass Media

For some years mass media (television, newspapers, radio but especially the internet with its sites, blogs and social networks) has been the first field of detection of discrimination cases recorded by the Contact Centre: for this reason, from 2016 UNAR also activated a Media and Internet Observatory to monitor the discriminatory phenomena on web. Read more

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