Useful references, cases and legislation

Discrimination in the world of work is often among the most difficult to find out because in many cases people do not know their rights or are afraid to denounce and be excluded. It is no coincidence that most of the reports to the Contact Centre occur during access (denied) to work. For years Unar has been committed to promoting a culture of integration in the world of work through good practices and positive actions promoted together with the social partners, employers and large companies.

Access to employment - public employment

Working Conditions

  • Irpef Report: Foreign workers in the construction sector. Attachment

  • Court of Turin Judgment n. 4932 of 21/07/2010: reduced compensation to the Albanian family of a worker who died at work to balance the compensation for the real value of money in the economy of the country where the injured reside

  • Mobbing

    Court of Court of Cassation (III Civil Section), No 450-2011 of 04-01-2011

    The compensation for pecuniary damage and not deriving from the death of the foreigner in Italy following a traffic accident must be assured to the family member foreigner even if residing abroad at the same conditions as for the Italian citizen, regardless of the condition of reciprocity. Attachment

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