Antidiscrimination Centre

UNAR promotes the estabilishment of Regional Anti-discrimination Centres.

Starting from 2007, as foreseen by its institutional tasks (see paragraph 12 of article 44 of the Consolidated Law on Immigration and Legislative Decree 215/2003), the National Anti-Discrimination Office has promoted the establishment of Regional Anti-Discrimination Centres, a system of “protections” aimed at detecting and taking charge of discrimination, as well as spreading the culture of respect for human rights and equal opportunities.

To date, the Network is organized on a regional basis – through Regional Anti-Discrimination Centres, organizations established and managed by the Regions, with a role of coordinating provincials and local issues that may be present.

The signing of Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding with various regional and local administrations and the cooperation of many trade associations have contributed to the diffusion of these organizations on almost the whole national territory. They are articulated on the basis of guidelines that take into account some good practices tested by expert regions, such as Emilia Romagna.